Truth and Consequences

The word that can be spoken is not the True word. – Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu opens the Tao Te Ching, a book about the nature of reality, with a warning that words are not reality, and we should be careful not to become trapped inside of them. This statement would get him executed for heresy many places in the world today. Unless we pretend that words are True we cannot use God’s byline. We cannot give commands in the name of God; we cannot promise Heaven in the name of God; we cannot threaten Hell in the name of God, we cannot punish and murder in the name of God.

I have recently read several attempts to “prove” the Virgin Birth of Jesus using words that they tell me God wrote 2000+ years ago with a variety of human hands. Others who defend Virgin Birth, such as Gary Burge, a professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, are more straight forward –

“If Jesus was not virgin-born, then he was not the son of God; if he was not the son of God, then he was just another crucified man and not the sacrifice that would redeem the sins of the world…..

“In Jesus, we don’t have a prophet who simply speaks as a human being about God. We have a son of God who presents the father to us,” he said. “It is a huge difference, absolutely huge. Put in jeopardy the Virgin Birth … and Christianity simply becomes a human gesture instead of a divine revelation.”

His argument seems to be – it must be True, because if it weren’t True, we wouldn’t know the Truth. This reminds me of a time my young niece was caught cheating at cards, and responded with perfect logic, “But If I don’t cheat, I won’t win.”

Knowers of the Truth honestly believe that they are proving their point. They are not “allowed” to think forward from the data. They must start with their right answer, and cherry-pick or fantasize whatever data it takes to make them feel that they have proven they are right. They never see evidence that contradicts them. This is the perceptual blindness of the knowing mind trapped inside of True words. This is why  Knowers of the Truth cannot abide the scientific method, which moves forward from the data, and does not end up anywhere near what the Knowers choose to believe. (Not to be confused with the Pirate Predator (Selfish Seeker), who knows full well the power of science, but often still attacks it, and suppresses it, and distorts it, to protect their selfish interests.)

The problem with eating the Fruit of of Arrogance and anointing yourself capable of “Knowing the Truth” is that you are turning your back on God (Reality) to embrace the fantasy of your divine infallibility.   This is the Original Sin that separates you from God. Turning your back to Reality is ill-advised, and its cumulative consequences are devastating, both for the individual, and all of those who suffer from their “solutions”. Combine this knowing mind with a raging heart, and you have the Selfish Knower, the Monster Punisher, a ticking bomb easily triggered by whomever might have the misfortune to challenge its Truth, no matter how innocently.

It is not actually the Virgin Birth that is at issue. Fundamentalist Christians are not the only “Knowers of the Truth”. People are often intentionally trapped within a constructed Truth, and some Truths are much more toxic than others, and will blow you to pieces along with many innocent lives. The illusion of Truth is a “mirage” created by the limitations of human perception, which we embrace because of our fears of the unknown. People have been getting trapped inside of this mirage since the dawn of humanity, and this has not gone unnoticed by the Pirate Predators. They have developed great skill at designing Truth Traps that they control, and that amplify your fears of uncertainty to hold you inside of them. It is no accident that Doubts are “planted by the Devil”, and over the Threshold of Uncertainty hangs the sign, “Road to Hell”.

My Mother was a Grateful Knower (Saintly Preacher), a devout Catholic who had the purest loving heart that I have ever known. I understand why the Saints fear the Threshold of Uncertainty. They believe it will strip from them that which they hold most precious, their love of God, and plunge them into a black hole of Godlessness. This is a mirage. I stand on the other side of this threshold, and I love God with my whole soul and my whole heart and my whole mind. If you anchor yourself in the grateful heart, in God’s Love, you need not fear uncertainty, the embrace of humility. We are not God, and pretending otherwise is no virtue.

I LOVE Jesus for what he chose to do with the life that God gave him. He is my Hero (Grateful Seeker). I have no selfish hunger for heaven that drove me to Jesus. I am grateful for what I have already been given, and seek to pay back my debt by trying to help end war and poverty, in the footsteps of Jesus.

I do not agree with Professor Burge’s assessment of Christianity. Though I believe Jesus was a man, I do not believe he was “just another crucified man.” I believe Jesus tried to “awaken” us from the Original Sin of arrogance, and free us from the trembling fears and voracious hungers of our selfish heart. How his life ended was tragic, not something to celebrate for “redeeming the sins of the world”. I believe Jesus was murdered for trying to free the People from a Truth Trap built by Pirates to enslave the People, and when I see images of him nailed to the cross, it pisses me off. I would give almost anything if I could go back in time and rescue him from those Pirate hooks. It would seem Gary Burge would do almost anything to stop me, because then he couldn’t get into heaven.

Is this really what it means to be a Christian?

 Model of Transformation

The Thresholds of the Heart and Mind
Threshold of the Heart – Selfish/Grateful
Threshold of the Mind – Knower/Seeker

Characters (Locations) of the Peace Story
Grateful Seeker – Hero Problem Solver
Grateful Knower – Saintly Preacher
Selfish Seeker – Pirate Predator
Selfish Knower – Monster Punisher

The Physics of Perception
I.Where you stand controls what you see.
II.What you see controls how you act.
III.How you act controls the consequences of your actions

The Hero’s Journey
It is the grateful heart that motivates the hero to go in search of a solution to the peoples’ problems, and it is his/her seeking mind that enables them to work the solution process. Selfish hearts will never undertake the hero’s journey, and knowing minds cannot perform the solution process. If you do not perform the exercise, you do not experience its gains.

Letters to Pope Francis
(Now in The Lord’s Bedchamber)

Letter #1: Ending War and Poverty –

There can never be world peace or an end to poverty as long as our educational systems trap children in their selfish heart and their knowing mind to command their obedience with the words of God promising heaven and threatening hell.

Letter #2: The Threshold of Uncertainty

The Fruit does not make us divinely infallible, it only makes us believe we have become divinely infallible, and this is the original sin that is destroying us. It is this enduring dishonesty that is at the heart of so many of our enduring problems.

Letter #3: The Hero Jesus Story and the Crucifixion Climax

I believe Jesus was a Grateful Seeker. I believe he was a Hero, who fed the hungry, and healed the sick; and who went searching in the wilderness for an answer to God’s Question, and who  Returned to set the people free. And the Pirates, and the Monsters, and the Saints, murdered him for it, because setting people free is not what Pirates and Monsters and Saints do.